Site Specific

 Site specific relates to an artwork that is specifically designed to be in a certain location. Therefore the work is bound to that area and wouldn’t work elsewhere. The environment that it is placed in has major influence on the outcome. It is generally the artist’s reaction to the space. Site Specific work normally involves the pubic, encouraging them to react also to the location and work. It takes many forms and is linked to many other movements such as Performance, Land art, Installation and Conceptualism. Some consider any work that is linked to a certain place, such as architecture, to be site specific. It was first noticed as a movement in the 70’s.

I looked into some of the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. As I have been working with Granton pier, I found it interesting to see how other artists had dealt with a similar location. Below is ‘Wrapped Coast’ (1968-1969). A giant, intruding white mass of material has been thrown over the cliffs and shore like a blanket. Although it is obviously out of place, I do find something peaceful about this work. In ways, I feel it ties in with its surroundings. I think it resembles an iceberg, with its sharp points combine with the flow of material.

wrapped Coast


 Another work of theirs that I looked at was ‘Surrounded Islands’ (1980-1983). In this work, bright pink material was attached around the sides of the 11 islands. The colour isn’t very subtle and I found it quite overpowering, but it went surprisingly well with the plants and trees of the islands.



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